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Our Investment Proposition

We Give Small and Mid-Sized Investors Access to Big Opportunities

Hi-Rise specializes in providing high-quality, real estate backed investments from the private market that offer excellent investment returns to small and mid-sized investors. Traditionally, these opportunities have only been available to large institutional investors and private wealth groups that could finance large real estate projects.

We focus on a select number of high-quality real estate opportunities in downtown Toronto and the GTA

By selecting only a small number of investments, we ensure that financial capital is properly monitored to achieve success. Our investment opportunities aim to deliver excellent investment returns in purpose-built multi-family residential real estate development projects well located to serve the very strong growth in housing demand in downtown Toronto and the GTA. Our rigorous due diligence process includes assessing locations that drive high demand to support superior rent performances relative to the market. Learn more.

We choose real estate development partners whose interests are aligned with our investors’ interest

We partner with real estate developers who have significant capital invested in their real estate projects including substantial equity and even personal guarantees. Furthermore, our real estate development partners do not receive any profit on the completed real estate project until our investors have been paid out. This structure helps protect our investors capital and ensures our development partners are incentivized to deliver excellent and successful real estate projects.

Storey Living Corp., a Toronto-based luxury multi-family residential real estate developer is the development partner for our current investment offerings. Visit  storeyliving.com to learn more.

We are full-service and dedicated to transparency and compliance

Hi-Rise is a full-service company with a team of industry experts, financial analysts and legal counsel providing “in-house” expertise to structure our investment opportunities. In addition to our Brokerage license, we also hold an Administrator license, which places an additional level of external auditing, regulation and oversight of our company. This means that regulators and auditors have visibility into all of our projects, transactions, documentation and flow of funds which improves investment servicing, provides an added layer of monitoring for investors and creates cost efficiencies compared to outsourcing administration. Learn more about our commitment to compliance.

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We have a track record of success

Since being founded in 2004, Hi-Rise has successfully financed and exited 19 deals, totalling approximately $19 million. On average, these projects have paid annual returns of 9%. See more….